Air Plant & Terrarium how to's

  • Prefer bright light and ideally would like to be two - three feet from a window

  • Make sure there is some sort of air circulation in the room

  • If you keep yours in a terrarium you can spray it with a water mister lightly and often

  • Water weekly and possibly more in the summer

  • To water fill a cup or bowl with water and soak them for 10- 15 minutes until they turn vibrant, wet green.

  • Once they’re done soaking turn them upside down to dry

  • You may fertilize your once a month during the spring and summer (We recommend MaxSea which we carry in the shop)


Terrarium Care

  • Avoid putting your terrarium in direct sun or extremely warm places as they trap and hold heat

  • New planted terrariums should be placed in the shade for the first week and then you can adjust lighting accordingly

  • To water your terrarium heavily mist it or gently water it until the soil is saturated

  • Look out for signs of mold, mildew, or pests. These are signs that something is wrong. As always, feel free to contact us for help