Crimson House tour: Amanda

Hello everyone, and welcome to the newest installment here at Crimson! We wanted to take a moment to highlight our amazing team by showcasing the beautiful spaces they have curated, and asking them to share what inspires them. This week we are touring the home of Amanda, our fantastic Inventory manager!
I love filling my home with things that are alive, or have a story. That goes for both plants and inanimate objects all the same. I like things that have history, and that had a life before they became a part of mine, which is probably why I prefer to collect vintage and things that are made by hand. Plants are like that too.  Who knows what they have seen before they got to me. Living with me is just one part of their lifetime, and that's pretty cool!
I used to think I had a black thumb, but what I realized is that I wasn't paying attention to the unique personality and needs of each plant. They are a lot like people in that way. You have to find the ones you get along with, and then you can develop lasting relationships with them. It's so hard to pick a favorite plant friend, but if I had to, my Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma would be it. She has grown so much in my care, and we get along beautifully! 
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  • charlene daly

    Thank you for sharing Amanda. Im inspired and also love your wood floors.

  • Barbara Stanley

    Hello Amanda, I LOVE your home. I want to find a house with the wood floors and arches that you have. May I ask do you live in Berkeley? I also love all your plants and treasures. Our condo doesn’t get a lot of light, unfortunately, so my house plants have done mediocre. What do you use for fertilizer? Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us.

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