Kokedama: A Plant in a Moss Ball

Kokedama: A Plant in a Moss Ball

Kokedama, which roughly translates to "moss ball" in Japanese, is a traditional form of bonsai that involves growing plants in a soil mixture and then encasing the roots in a ball of moss. This method originated in Japan and has gained popularity around the world as a stylish, organic way to display plants.

The Artistry of Kokedama

Originating in 17th centure Japan, kokedama is derived from a type of bonsai style, Nearai, where the bonsai was wrapped so tightly that the roots and soil would maintain their shape when removed and displayed without the pot. The Kokedama art style implements the philosophy of Wabi sabi, a world view centered on the beauty in imperfection, simplicity, and change. 

Creating a Kokedama is not just about wrapping a plant in a ball of moss; it's a form of art that requires skill and creativity. The process involves carefully wrapping the plant's roots in a mixture of soil and clay, then covering the entire root ball with lush green moss. Not all plants can be used, we like to use plants that naturally grow on trees or in moss. 

Kokedama Styling Tips

We like to hang several Kokedama at varying heights for a captivating display, or place them in beautiful dishes on a shelf or as a centerpiece.

General Care and Maintenance

While Kokedama is relatively low-maintenance, it does require some care to keep the plants healthy and vibrant. Here are a few tips:

  1. Watering: Soak the moss ball in water for about 10-15 minutes when the moss ball feels dry, or sounds crispy when squeezed. Allow excess water to drain before placing it back in its display spot.

  2. Light: Most Kokedama plants prefer bright, indirect light. Keep them near a window but away from direct sunlight to prevent moss and roots from drying out.

  3. Trimming: Prune any dead or yellowing leaves to encourage new growth and maintain the aesthetic appeal of your Kokedama. If roots begin to grow out of the moss, you can trim them back or upsize your moss ball. 

Kokedamas We Love


Pothos are some of our favorite plants to kokedama - they are super fast growers, can tolerate most light levels, and are very tolerant to drying out between waterings. 

Pothos come in so many different varieties, so there is one for everyone!

You'll want to water this kokedama when the moss feels crispy.

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We love putting Maranta in kokedama - the way the leaves cascade down is absolutely stunning! 

These plants like to stay on the moist side, therefore we suggest you water this kokedama when it starts to feel dry.

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Staghorn Fern


An epiphytic fern - meaning they grow on trees - staghorns are great plants for kokedamas.  With beautiful, lush fronds, these make a big statement whether you decide to hang your kokedama, or place it in a dish. 

These plants like to stay on the moist side, therefore we suggest you water this kokedama when it starts to feel dry.

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