Cereus - Tetragonus  "Fairy Castle"

Cereus - Tetragonus "Fairy Castle"

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It is impossible to look at this cactus and not feel joyous. It looks exactly like a magical little fairy home! With the right conditions, this cactus can grow up to 5 feet tall, so keep up-potting this baby as it grows. Eventually, you'll have a life-size fairy castle on your hands!

Light: Place this cactus by a bright window, but away from any possible drafts. These can be moved outside slowly over time as they grow.

Water: Let this cactus dry out all the way in between watering. We recommend potting into a terra cotta pot to help remove excess moisture in the soil, and to ensure proper drainage. Make sure to use a well-draining soil mix if you do!

If ingested, poisonous to people and pets. 

Photographs are representative of the species and not always the specific plant you will receive. All plant sales are final.

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