At Home With Nelly

At Home With Nelly

For Crimson alum Penelope Anstruther, It’s really hard to imagine living without plants. They bring life to her Oakland apartment.

Nelly finds taking care of her plants super soothing and rewarding. "There’s always more to learn about [plants] and I never stop freaking out over new leaves. Finding out about plants I never knew existed and seeking rare babies is for sure a guilty habit!" she remarks.
To Nelly, who is also a visual artist and ceramicist, her plants are the perfect complement to the pottery and artwork she has collected from her friends in the Bay Area. Plants are part of her curated home gallery. 

"Matching a plant to its perfect pot is the best! I try to keep it minimal but it’s hard when there are so many cuties out there. "

To view Nelly's art, be sure to follower her at @kiteflyinginthedark .

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