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At Home With Risha
From the curb, it’s impossible to tell that there’s an apartment hiding behind the doors of Creative Director and General Manager Risha Gauder’s home. If anything, her front door looks like it belongs to yet another abandoned Temescal storefront. However, the moment you turn the handle and step inside you’re instantly transported, like peeking through a curtain into a lush Victorian parlor.
At Home With Nelly
For Crimson alum Penelope Anstruther, It’s really hard to imagine living without plants. They bring life to her Oakland apartment. Nelly finds taking care of her plants super soothing and rewarding. "There’s always more to learn about [plants] and I...
At Home with Amanda
This week we are touring the home of Amanda, a Crimson alum!
Amanda loves filling her home with things that are alive or carry a story with them. That goes for both plants and inanimate objects. She adores items that have a history, and that had a life before they became a part of her own. This may be why she prefers to collect vintage items and things that are made by hand.
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