You Need to Feed Your House Plants

You Need to Feed Your House Plants

A Basic Guide to Fertilizing

Spring is springing, and so are our plants! Have you noticed more new leaves on your plants? With longer days, more light, and more growth, your plants are craving the essential nutrients to grow. Over the course of the year, your potted plants consume all the nutrients in the soil, leaving the soil barren of nutrients, and your plants hungry for more. 

You should fertilize if:

  1. Your plant has been in the same soil since last year
  2. You're noticing an uptick in growth with the longer spring days
  3. You've never fertilized, ever

Which Fertilizer Do You Use?

Choosing the wrong fertilizer can harm your plants rather than help them. We recommend an organic, water-soluble fertilizer. 

We love using SuperThrive, which is a non-toxic essential vitamin solution that helps your plants thrive. Based from kelp, SuperThrive works by encouraging the production of the biological building blocks plants make naturally under the best conditions, therefore fortifying growth from the inside out.

We love this formula because it is very mild, yet highly effective, and can be added to your watering can every time you water your plants. This takes the guesswork out of when it is appropriate to fertilize, and drastically lowers the danger of over-fertilizing, especially for beginner plant parents.






How to Feed Your Plants

It's easier than you think with SuperThrive! We recommend adding 10 drops per 1 quart, every time you water. Water as normal - slowly saturating the top of the soil until you see water starting to drip out of the drainage hole. Here in Oakland, CA, our season starts early - we like to fertilize from March - September. If you have grow lights, you can feed year-round.

When Should I NOT Fertilize?

  1. Succulents and cacti need fertilizing less often, needing it maybe once every two months
  2. You just repotted with fresh soil - fresh soil usually contains the necessary nutrients for a growing season

Your plants will thank you for adding fertilizer to your plant care routine! 

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