Nepenthes "Pitcher Plant"
Nepenthes "Pitcher Plant"

Nepenthes "Pitcher Plant"

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Nepenthes, or “Pitcher Plants”, are a long-standing Crimson favorite due to their eye-catching, bright pitchers that cascade elegantly from shiny, elongated leaves. Native to the Philippines, these damning carnivorous damsels use the nectar in their pitchers to attract their pest prey and drown them, before secreting enzymes into the pitcher fluid to digest the insects for nutrient acquisition. (Wild, we know!)

Light: Nepenthes love light! Perfect for bright indirect lighting situations, but avoid hot, direct sun or their pitchers and foliage may burn. These will not do well in low light conditions. 

Water: Nepenthes are quite tropical and require frequent deep watering. Plant in a moss-heavy medium with drainage amendments for proper aeration. We prefer sphagnum or coir mixed with course materials such as perlite, orchid bark, pumice, tree-fern fiber, lava rock or charcoal. Water when top of medium is dry to the touch and check frequently in spring and summer.

Humidity: High humidity is a must for these buddies. We recommend adding a humidifier to your plant care routine or placing it on a pebble tray to help provide humidity if your space is dry.

This item is not toxic to pets (unless your pet is an insect).

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