Fern - Birdsnest Nidus
Fern - Birdsnest Nidus

Fern - Birdsnest Nidus

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The Asplenium Nidus "Birdsnest Fern" is one of our favorite fern varieties due to its comparatively easy care and low light tolerance. Native to tropical southeastern Asia, eastern Australia, Hawaii Polynesia, Christmas Island, India, and eastern Africa, Asplenium Nidus is one of the most common Bird’s Nest varieties, known for their epiphytic growth habits in nature and impressive ability to grow fronds of up to five feet tall in its native habitats.

Light: Birdnest Ferns thrive in bright, indirect sun roughly 3-5 feet from a window, but can also tolerate medium to indirect sun. Be careful not to place in hot, direct sun to avoid discoloration, paling and scorching its fronds.

Water: Birdsnest Ferns prefer to stay evenly moist, but never soggy. You can allow this fern variety to dry roughly 2”-3” down between waterings. The emergence of soft, black spots on the fronds are a sign that your fern’s soil is staying too moist, while paling and limp leaves are an indication that your fern is thirsty!

Humidity: Ferns thrive in a humid environment and will appreciate it if you add a humidifier or pebble tray to your plant care routine.

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