Fern - Crocodyllus

Fern - Crocodyllus

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If you are a big fan of ferns, you should know that the Crocodyllus is quite possibly one of the coolest ferns out there! Native to Australia, this fern gets its name from its unique leaf texture resembling a crocodile’s scutes. The Crocodyllus's scaly fronds have a sword-like shape, and grow from rhizomes just above the soil in a birdsnest pattern. The mature plant can reach anywhere between two to five feet tall.

Light: Like most ferns, this plant prefers medium to bright indirect light, and can also tolerate some indirect sun. Keep out of direct sun, as the intense rays will bleach and burn its tender leaves. 

Water: Ferns love water, but like most plants, do not like to sit in soggy soil. Water your fern once the surface of soil feels slightly dry to the touch, and make sure you give it a pot with a proper drainage.

Humidity: Ferns thrive in a humid environment, and will appreciate it if you add a humidifier to your plant care routine. 

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