Maranta - Green "Prayer Plant"
Maranta - Green "Prayer Plant"

Maranta - Green "Prayer Plant"

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Maranta are known for their beautiful foliage, and the Maranta Green is no exception to the rule. Its silvery green leaves are accented with a dapple of brown and green and sometimes even pink and white variegation. At night, Maranta will fold up its leaves, resembling praying hands, and thus earning its nickname, the Prayer Plant. 

Light: Provide your Maranta bright indirect light for optimal growth. Avoid placing your Maranta in direct sunlight as to avoid leaf scorching. Yellowing of the leaves can be an indication of inadequate lighting. If you notice significant discoloration, consider placing your light in brighter light.

Water: Maranta prefer to remain consistently moist, but never wet or soggy. One indicator that your Maranta is ready to be watered is curling of the leaves.

Humidity: We recommend adding a humidifier to your plant care routine to help add humidity to these tropical plants.

Photographs are representative of the species and not always the specific plant shipped. Normal variations in size, pruning and leaf structure may occur.  

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