Alocasia - Regal Shield
Alocasia - Regal Shield
Alocasia - Regal Shield

Alocasia - Regal Shield

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With its giant velvety heart-shaped leaves, and the beautifully rich hues of dark green, purple, and hints of red on their underside, the Regal Shield has earned its name. In the right conditions, this plant can grow 4'-5' tall, and spread out laterally almost as wide as it is tall. A beautiful larger plant, the Regal Shield really adds a lush tropical vibe to any space. 

Light: These plants thrive in bright indirect light, but avoid direct sun, as the intense rays can burn their tender leaves. Be sure to rotate your plant regularly to ensure it grows evenly, as these are infamous for distorting their shape by reaching towards the light. 

Water: These plants enjoy evenly moist soil, but do not like to be soggy. Water once the soil is dry about one to two inches down in its container.

Humidity: Moderate to high humidity is best for this variety. We recommend adding a humidifier to your plant care routine or placing it on a pebble tray to help provide humidity if your space is dry.

If ingested, poisonous to people and pets.

Photographs are representative of the species and not always the specific plant shipped. Normal variations in size, pruning and leaf structure may occur.  

All plant sales are final.

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