Drosera - Capensis "Octopus Plant"

Drosera - Capensis "Octopus Plant"

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According to urban legend, Charles Darwin wrote in a letter in 1860: “…at the present moment, I care more about Drosera than the origin of all the species in the world.” While we wouldn’t go that far, we have to agree that Drosera are pretty darn cool.

Droseras, commonly referred to as “sundews, consist of up to 194 different species of bug-lovin carnivorous plants that use the mucilaginous glands on the fuzzy leaf surfaces to trap and devour bugs as a nutritional supplement. The Drosera Capensis, or “Octopus Plant” is one of the most common Drosera we find here in California nurseries. Originating in the Cape of South Africa, the Capensis is characterized by their long, tentacle-like leaves that roll inward once an unlucky bug gets stuck in its traps to aid in digestion. They are both creepy and entertaining to watch in action.

Light: These carnivorous cuties prefer bright, filtered sun, with a preference toward receiving some direct light in order to thrive. We recommend placing them in a hot and sunny west-facing window. These plants will not thrive in low light conditions.

Water: These plants love water, and prefer their soil to be damp at all times. Submerging your plant's pot in a shallow saucer filled with water will imitate the perfect bog-like environment that it is used to. It is also important to note that most carnivorous plants do not love the impurities found in tap water. We recommend watering this friend with distilled water if available. 

Humidity: These tropical, bog-loving carnivores prefer a humid environment. We suggest running a humidifier or misting regularly if the air in your space is particularly dry.

Non-toxic to people and pets.

Photographs are representative of the species and not always the specific plant shipped. Variations in size and shape may occur.

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