Philodendron - Brandtianum
Philodendron - Brandtianum

Philodendron - Brandtianum

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Philodendron brandtianum is a climbing plant with medium-sized, heart-shaped leaves. The foliage is distinguished by its white and silver markings, earning it the nickname "silver leaf philodendron." This tropical plant is typically found growing on tall structures, but it can also thrive as a potted or hanging houseplant. Considered a moderately fast grower, it can reach a maximum height of 4-5 feet indoors. 

Light: For optimal growth, Philodendron brandtianum thrives in bright, indirect light. In its natural tropical habitat, this plant is exposed to frequent and abundant sunshine, but is shielded from direct sunlight by lush foliage. To replicate these conditions, place the plant in a sunny area of the room, but avoid direct sunlight from a windowsill, as it may be too intense for the plant.

Water: Give your Philodendron brandtianum a regular and thorough watering when the top layer of soil is dry. Drooping or curling leaves may also signal the need for more moisture, but avoid getting the leaves themselves wet to prevent possible fungal growth.

Humidity: These plants do best in levels between 50 and 60 percent. If you live in a particularly dry area, you may need to put the plant on a pebble tray filled with water to provide more moisture in surrounding air. Like other epiphytes, this plant is at high risk of root rot, so the container bottom should not sit directly in water.

This plant is not pet friendly.

Photographs are representative of the species and not always the specific plant shipped. Normal variations in size, pruning and leaf structure may occur.  

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