Anthurium - Big Red Bird
Anthurium - Big Red Bird

Anthurium - Big Red Bird

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Anthurium Big Red Bird is native to South and Central America, growing as an epiphyte, or on tree branches. Long, lance-shaped leaves emerge green and turn red in bright light or cool temperatures. These are birds-nest anthuriums with a rosette growth habit and the emerging leaves are rolled inward towards the central leaf vein. In bright light, the central leaf vein will turn reddish, just like the leaves.

Light: Anthurium do best in a well lit, bright area, out of direct sunlight.  Typically, but not always, the darker the leaves on an Anthurium, the less bright they need it, however, all do very well in bright, but shaded areas.  This makes them perfect for just about any room of the house!  Even bathrooms that have an indirect natural light source can be a great place to put a beautiful Anthurium.

Water: Anthuriums do best when they are kept evenly moist at all times.  Many Anthuriums' roots will grow up and out of the pot, which is perfect, as most naturally grow as Epiphytes. 

Humidity: Anthuriums love humidity.  Tanks, Terrariums, and Domes are perfect.  Pebble trays under the pots also help, as well as humidifiers running on a continuous basis.  This will prevent leaf browning, wilting, and wrinkling.

These plants are not pet-friendly.

Photographs are representative of the species and not always the specific plant shipped. Normal variations in size, pruning and leaf structure may occur.  

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