Ceropegia - Woodii "String of Hearts" Variegated

Ceropegia - Woodii "String of Hearts" Variegated

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Variegated String of Hearts have become one of the most sought after wish list plants in the past year due to their lack of availability.  This variety maintains the quick growth habits of other String of Hearts varieties and is noted for is strawberries and cream coloring. Not only is their vining foliage delicate and beautiful, but they are easy to care for as well. 

Light: Bright indirect light is ideal for these plants. Avoid direct light, as it can scorch their tiny delicate leaves. These plants will not thrive in low light conditions. 

Water: These are quite drought tolerant, so water only when the soil feels dry to the touch about half way down in their container. Accustomed to the hot and dry climate of South Africa, you will enjoy these luscious vines without having to hover over them every time they get a little dry. 

These plants are pet friendly!

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