Large - Fern - Mother

Large - Fern - Mother

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This classic, fluffy fern is beloved for its robust , elegant growth and arching fronds. The fronds of the Mother Fern emerge from a single crown, but are known to spawn growth from its feathery offshoots. This fern makes a statement either staged in a hanging basket or as a floor plant.

Fun fact: Native to New Zealand, the Mother Fern is commonly harvested by the Maori people in its early growth stages and consumed like a vegetable.

Light: This fern variety enjoys a bit more sun than others, but should be kept out of direct light. A bright, indirect spot a few feet from a bright window is best. Be careful not to place in hot, direct sun to avoid scorching its fronds.

Water: Ferns love water, but like most plants, do not like to sit in soggy soil. Water your fern once the surface of the soil feels slightly dry to the touch, and make sure you give it a pot with a drainage hole.

Humidity: Ferns also thrive in a humid environment and will appreciate it if you add a humidifier or pebble tray to your plant care routine.

This plant is pet friendly!

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