DS & Durga Perfumes
DS & Durga Perfumes
DS & Durga Perfumes
DS & Durga Perfumes
DS & Durga Perfumes
DS & Durga Perfumes
DS & Durga Perfumes
DS & Durga Perfumes
DS & Durga Perfumes
DS & Durga Perfumes
DS & Durga Perfumes

DS & Durga Perfumes

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A note from DS& DURGA:


D.S. & DURGA IS OUR UNIVERSE–all that we love in music, art, nature, and design told aromatically. Our scents are fragments of half-remembered myths and imaginary landscapes that invite exploration. They are an invisible soundtrack that you can carry on your body throughout the day. WE CREATE AUTHENTIC STUDIES of real world objects, plants, and places. We weave them into narratives that transport you to far off places, material and imaginary. OUR PERFUMES HAVE LINER NOTES. The stories and ramblings of D.S. are inside each box. The more you know, the deeper you explore the world in the bottle. Art is enriched by discussion and engagement.  

The power of scent is equal to that of sight and sound. A great scent is a world you can return to over and over–a keyhole into another realm. You can travel via the mind-nose connection to larger collective spaces. The opening establishes the relationship between user and perfume."


Kavi and David of DS & Durga have taken the art of perfumery and turned the gain knob up in order to create a product that contains - as they say in their own words - the “ability to conjure unseen worlds”.

Of their origin story, Kavi and D.S. reflect “WE STARTED FROM SCRATCH and did it our way (more Sid than Sinatra). We were pioneers in DIY Brooklyn.” From the belly of their Bushwick apartment in “New YorK Fucking City” to retail distribution, DS & Durga has succeeded in keeping their operation small and personal despite their popularity and success. Kavi continues to be the brains behind all aspects of design, from scents to packaging. David (D.S.), on the other hand, remains the company’s perfumer.  All creative choices, experimentation, and testing is done without outside perfumers or middlemen, ensuring that DS & Durga remains DIY. 

The company’s main goal is always to allow their scents to tell a story, to encapsulate image, moment, sound, and landscapes within a bottle, allow scent to translate auditory, sensory, oral and illusory experiences. “ We began by turning things we loved into scented stories of cowboys, open terrain, Russian novel characters, folk songs and packing them into stamped boxes in D.S.’s Bushwick apartment.” 

• Ingredients: Alcohol denat., parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), alpha-isomethyl ionone, benzyl alcohol, benzl benzoate, benzyl salicylate, citral, citro- nellol, eugenol, farnesol, geraniol, isoeugenol, limonene, linalool. 100% Vegan.
• Packaging: foam-free packaging, recyclable paper, biodegradable shipping materials



• Debaser: The wild shrill of Black Francis coming through the radio in the August heat. Ripe fig, iris, coconut milk, tonka and dry blond woods.

• Freetrapper: Beaver trappers were the cowboys of early America. Renegade mountaineers of the Jacksonian era who cut trails through the wild in search of beaver pelts–prized by hatters, doctors, and perfumers. Dark cedar, snakeroot, synthetic beaver castor, and wild bergamot. 

• Italian Citrus: A bracing cologne of coastal Italian citrus rinds-chinotto, blood orange, cold-pressed lemon, and green mandarin with ambrette seed & clean musk.

• Mississippi Medicine: Based on the rituals of the proto-Mississippian death cult of the 1200s. Native birch tar, viola, & white spruce grounded in incense & cypress root.

• Notorious Oud: Sublime Indonesian oud with a worldwide perspective. Formulated in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn with North African papyrus, Afghani saffron, and Bulgarian rose. 

• Radio Bombay: Transistor radio hewn of sandalwood radiates ragas in the Bandra heat. Hot copper tubes warm the soft wood releasing blooms of musk, cream, peach, ambrette, coco, cedar distillates.

• Rose Atlantic: Spritzers aboard the famous Salt Spray Rose. Sinatra’s summer wind, dunegrass in the distance, rosehip, the white lighthouse.

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