Epipremnum - Manjula
Epipremnum - Manjula

Epipremnum - Manjula

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The Epipremnun Manjula is a rare plant which is known for its heart-shaped leaves that are a vivid green with splashes, swirls, and dapples of starkly contrasting white variegation. If you are new to rare plant collecting and afraid of investing in something you might not be able to keep alive, this plant is a great choice. This hardy vining beauty boasts both showy foliage and a very low-maintenance demeanor that is sure to bring you joy for many years. 

Light: This plant will thrive in bright indirect light, however, it will also comfortably adapt to medium light spaces. Please keep in mind, however, that because the variegated leaf parts lack chlorophyll, and therefore cannot photosynthesis, a lower light environment will cause it to lose some of the variegation that makes it so special. 

Water: In bright light, these plants appreciate watering when the soil has dried out halfway in their pot. In low and medium light spaces, it is best to allow the soil to dry almost all the way, but do not let the plant sit dry for extended periods.

Humidity: Moderate humidity is best for this variety. We suggest running a humidifier if your space is especially dry.

If ingested, this plant is poisonous to pets

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