Homalomena - Selby
Homalomena - Selby

Homalomena - Selby

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This Homalomena has the most incredible mottled foliage from the lightest green to the deepest hues, all on one leaf. These are compact growers, making them an ideal plant for a smaller space. 

Light: Homalomena is a true forest canopy plant, making them extremely adaptable to lower light. During active growth in the spring and summer, they can be moved to a brighter spot to encourage growth, but avoid direct light which can scorch the leaves.

Water: These plants like to be well watered during active growth periods and kept in a well-draining soil mix. During the winter, allow the plant to dry out in between watering and pay extra attention to avoid having the plant sit in water. Extra humidity is encouraged to mimic their natural environment.


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