Kokedama - Maranta

Kokedama - Maranta

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Kokedama is a form of Japanese garden art that dates back centuries. "Koke" translating to "moss" and "dama" translating to "ball", this ornamental form of plant mounting utilizes moss to cover a soil ball in which the plant grows. Both cute and compact, Kokedama can be hung, or even placed in a shallow bowl to display.

Maranta, or " Prayer Plants",  are easily considered a favorite amongst plant enthusiasts. These plants earned their unique nickname from their tendency to fold up their leaves like praying hands at night. The Red Maranta are the perfect plant to add a bit of color to your collection. From the velvety texture of their leaves to the electric pink and red pinstripes that interlace across them, these plants posses such a unique beauty.

Light: Provide your Maranta bright indirect light for optimal growth. Avoid placing your Maranta in direct sunlight as to avoid leaf scorching. Yellowing of the leaves can be an indication of inadequate lighting. If you notice significant discoloration, consider placing your light in brighter light.

Water: This plant likes to stay on the more moist side - check your Kokedama once a week by squeezing the moss ball. When the outside moss feels dry, place your kokedama in a dish of water, plant side up . Push the moss ball down so that it is fully submerged and begins to absorb water. Allow to soak for 10-25 minutes,  or until fully saturated with water. Remove kokedama from the water, and gently squeeze the moss ball to allow excess water to drain.

This plant is pet-friendly.

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