Nepenthes - Gaya
Nepenthes - Gaya
Nepenthes - Gaya

Nepenthes - Gaya

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The Nepenthes Gaya is the perfect beginner carnivorous plant! This plant is a vigorous grower! The pitchers have small wings while the color is mostly red with green, vertical markings. Nepenthes Gaya was originally bred by Sam Estes of Leilani Nepenthes in 2004 and is the first of his plants to be mass produced and widely available. A full size plant will sport 6-inch colorful pitchers with red-orange splotches against a yellow background.

Light: These carnivorous cuties prefer bright, filtered sun, with a preference toward receiving some direct light in order to thrive. We recommend placing them in a hot and sunny west-facing window or adding a grow light. These plants will not thrive in low light conditions.

Water: These plants love water, and prefer their soil to be damp at all times. Check daily, and add water if the soil is no longer damp.

Humidity: These tropical, bog-loving carnivores prefer a humid environment. We suggest running a humidifier or misting regularly if the air in your space is particularly dry.

Non-toxic to people and pets.

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