Pachypodium - Lamerei "Madagascar Palm"

Pachypodium - Lamerei "Madagascar Palm"

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Okay, so full transparency the “Madagascar Palm” may not actually be a palm at all, but the crown of leaves atop the stem of this unique succulent gives it a wispy, tropical appearance. However, don’t lean too close because the spiky stem of this “thick foot” plant, as pachypodium contains a sap that can be highly poisonous to those with latex allergies.

Native to – you guessed it – Madagascar, the Pachypodium lamerei can grow to around twenty feet tall in its natural habitat, but you can expect this slow grower to max out before reaching 5.9 feet tall when cultivated indoors.

Light: These babies love light, though you should avoid hot, direct sun! Perfect for bright indirect lighting situations that receive several hours of sun throughout the day, though direct, hot rays will cause this variety to sunburn.These plants will not do well in low light conditions. 

Water: Pachypodium are prone to root rot, so err on the side of caution when watering. Allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings, but not so much that its crown of leaves wilt. We suggest potting in a chunky succulent mix.

Humidity: Moderate humidity is best for this arid plant.

This item is toxic to pets.

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