Philodendron - Florida Ghost
Philodendron - Florida Ghost

Philodendron - Florida Ghost

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The Florida Ghost is a rare Aroid. These are a hybrid of the Philodendron Squamiferum and a Philodendron pedatum.  In their juvenile form, the multi-lobed leaves surprisingly unfurl in glossy white color. They remain yellow and green until they mature to a dark-green shade. Just like the majority of other philodendrons, this plant has air-purifying properties.

Light: Bright indirect sunlight is ideal for the Florida Ghost Philodendron. You can place it indoors near a window, where the sun lights but doesn’t reach the plant directly. Importantly, exposure to direct sunlight may burn the foliage. Yellowing of leaves is a part of development. However, if a large number of leaves are turning yellow, it may be a symptom of over-exposure to sunlight.

Water: These plants prefer to stay slightly moist during their active growth periods, however, avoid letting the soil get soggy. The best way to do this is to allow your soil to dry out slightly in between watering.

If ingested, poisonous to people and pets.

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