Senecio - Rowleyanus Variegata "String of Pearls"

Senecio - Rowleyanus Variegata "String of Pearls"

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What was, for a while, a fairly common Senecio variety, the Variegated String of Pearls has become increasingly hard-to-find in recent years and now sits at the top of many plant-lovers’ wish lists these days. Plant aficionados and new growers, alike, are attracted to the cute, marbled pearls of this variegated trailer, which can contain a mix of cream, green, pink and purple.

Though it may be one of the more difficult succulent varieties to grow in the home, tending to your Variegated SOP can be highly rewarding. Given the correct lighting and watering routine, this trailing beauty can grow to cascade to lengths of several feet long!

Light: These babies love light, though you should avoid hot, direct sun! Perfect for bright indirect lighting situations that receive several hours of sun throughout the day, though direct, hot rays will cause this variety to sunburn. These plants will not do well in low light conditions. 

Water: String of pearls are prone to root rot, so err on the side of caution when watering. Allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings until the pearls appear slightly puckered. We suggest bottom watering to avoid getting any of the plants’ pearls wet, and potting in a chunky succulent mix.

Humidity: Moderate humidity is best. We suggest running a humidifier if the air in your space is particularly dry.

This item is non-toxic to pets.

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